Electric Actuators

Burcelik Electric Actuators are produced as 24V DC, 1Ph 110V AC, 1Ph 230V AC; 3Ph 380V AC. Standard enclosure with o-ring sealing is watertight to IEC IP67 NEMA 4 and 6. Base mounting is according to ISO 5211. Stem bushing is removable for machining to fit to valve stems. The actuator can be positioned on the valve at four different angles by means of 4 bolts holes. A space heater inside the actuator prevents condensation due to temperature and weather changes. Standard 20W heater keeps all electrical components in the actuator clean and dry. The limit switch is activated by means of a simple and yet reliable Cam mechanism mounted and driven by the center shaft. The valve position can be accurately and easily set with the simple adjustable switch mechanism. The set position is permanent and is not affected by over-travel resulting from manual operation. The precision worm and worm wheel mechanism transfers high torque with high efficiency and low sound level (max. 50dB) even though small in size. Additional benefits include low backlash and longer life. Various output torques (60Nm – 2500 Nm) cater for valves from 2” to 24”.

Optional Specifications :
EXP : Explosion Proof & Watertight Enclosure Ex d II B T4 IP67, Eex d II B T4 (NEMKO)
DCM : 24 V DC Motor
ALS : Additional Auxiliary Limit Switches
EXT : Travel Angle: 120°, 135°, 180°, 270°, 300°
LCU : Local Control Unit. Local / Remote Selector Switch Open/Stop/Close Selector Switch or Pushbutton type
PIU : Potentiometer Unit 1K Ohm
CPT : Current Position Transmitter. Output: DC 4~20 mA
PCU : Proportional Control Unit. Power: AC 110/220V 1Ph, DC 24V. Input: DC 4~20 mA, DC 1-5 V, DC 2-10 V. Output: DC 4~20 mA
IMS : Integral Motor Starter. Reversing Magnetic Contacts and Transformer

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